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CRM = Customer & Job Database (plus much more)

CRM (customer relationship management) software is software designed to help businesses manage customer data, customer interaction, automate sales and track performance. We always include a CRM system at the core of all our Apps. it’s the glue that joins everything together.

One Customer Database

Do you find yourself cutting & pasting customer details from one program to another? Our bespoke Apps avoid this by providing you with one App that can do everything you require. So whether you’re doing Reports, Invoicing, Variations, Valuations, Estimates, Quotes, Certificates, Snagging or anything else, you enter the customers details once and these are automatically copied into everything else.


When you use multiple programs to track income, expenses, and cash flow (e.g. labour, materials, invoices, estimates, variations, valuations) it verges on impossible to get accurate up-to-date information. Using our CRM system you can see job profitability and cash flow on a day by day basis.

“50% of marketing doesn’t work…”

Henry Ford allegedly said “half of my advertising doesn’t work. But I don’t know which half!”. It’s still the same for most businesses. If you knew exactly how much you spent on each type of advertising and how much profit each brought in, it would be easy to decide which to ditch and which to spend more on. Our Apps allow you to do this by doing 2 important things. Firstly, as shown above, you’ll be be able to see how much profit you make on each job. Now, we realise you might do multiple jobs for the same main contractor. So we can add the job profits together and give you a profit per customer as well. The final thing we do is to track where you got each customer from (Facebook, Google, Email etc). By doing this we can show you exactly how much profit each advertisement created. So if one generates 50p for every pound spent, and another generates £2 for every pound, it’s an easy decision which to ditch and which to spend more on.

Turn More Estimates Into Work

Do you do lots of estimates but few of them turn into work? We’ve found that for both domestic and commercial construction projects ‘the early bird gets the worm’. By having a Sales Process which repeatedly emails and calls the client to ask for the work you’ll find your sales growing exponentially. Don’t have time to make any calls? Don’t worry – it’s designed to be used by a 3rd party sales professional as well.

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Since we've had our App created by 1minManager we've won more business, and profits have increased.  I've also found the business easier to manage and now spend much more time working on it than in it.

- Richard Anthony, Digitech

Date published: 2018/01/16
5 / 5 stars