About Us

Find out more about us and what we do.

Want your business to run smoothly and make more profit?  We provide custom built software and Apps aimed specifically at removing the business owner from the day-to-day work.  Allowing them to spend serious amounts of time growing their business and having a better quality of life.

Most business owners we talk to are working too hard, doing the wrong kind of work. To the detriment of family life and profit. They know they should focusing on expanding into new markets or locations, creating new products or services, or spending time managing their investments. Yet they get stuck doing day-to-day work like estimating invoicing, chasing money, wages, ordering materials or managing employees and subcontractors. If they could focus entirely on their business everybody would be better off.

How do we do it?

In small businesses, we create an App to make everything more efficient. So we automate or systemise common admin tasks like timesheets, estimating, invoicing so that they can be done in a fraction of the time. We also increase profits and cash flow by implementing sound business techniques all the larger companies use.

For larger businesses, the bottleneck to growing is mostly the business owner or management team. The easiest way to allow the business to grow in size and profits to get them to delegate more. But delegation usually ends up being a nightmare because:

You train them
They ‘forget’ how to do it
You document it

They don’t read it
They ‘forget’ when to do it
You remind them

They don’t like doing it (so don’t)
You tell them to do it
and on, and on, and on …  

Our solution means work can be delegated without training or documentation. Cannot be forgotten and removes the choice for someone to not do something when required.  

We create bespoke Apps that run the entire business. We take all the existing procedures (e.g. estimating, wages, timesheets, variations, valuations, materials ordering, stock control etc) and put them into one App.

The App is used by all management, office, employees (including those on-site), subcontractors and potentially even clients. By involving everyone, the business runs better and makes higher profits because everyone is more efficient. Also information flows between everyone, allowing decisions to be made quickly and easily.