About Us

Business is a battleground.  But the enemy isn't the competition

Its the employee’s who turn up late, work at 50% capacity all day then leave early.  Or those that want you to believe they’re unintelligent and need treating like children.

Or customers who insist on only choosing a supplier based purely on price.  Constantly try to get you to do extra work for free.  Before trying every trick to delay or reduce their final payment.

Maybe it’s your suppliers.  Agreeing one price for 10 widgets, delivering 8, then charging for 10 at the full list price.  Or who are just so useless you spend hours each month sorting out issues they caused.

We can solve all those problem and more.  But to do so, we have to wear 2 hats.

Firstly we work as business consultants.  We have seen ALL the issues many times before and know which system and processes are required to solve it.  But on its own, this is completely USELESS.  Because business consultants just tell you WHAT to do.  They leave it to the least experienced, most overworked person (the business owner) to try and find time to work out HOW.  How can you create something you’ve never seen or even used before?

The other hat we wear is as a Software Developer.  We can create absolutely anything, but we need direction, a plan.  Otherwise, we’ll create EXACTLY what you asked for.  Which, without a plan, is very unlikely to resolve the original issue.  You’ve have spent money and time and gotten precisely nowhere.

We are different from everyone else.  We are both of the above.

Using our first hat we design a solution to the problem you face.  With the second we build the solution.  From our clients perspective, it’s a turnkey solution.  We resolve their problems with little to no input from them.

Tell us what your biggest issue is and we’ll solve it.  Then we’ll solve the next biggest problem.  And the next.

Before long your business is purring along like a well-oiled machine.