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Need an App or software but unsure which is best for your business? Does it have to do everything you need with a low monthly cost?

Stop looking. You’ve just found it.

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We supply custom built Apps that can run the entire business. We take all the existing procedures (e.g. estimating, wages, timesheets, variations, valuations, materials ordering, stock control etc) and put them into one App.

The App is used by all management, office, employees (including those on-site), subcontractors and potentially even clients. By involving everyone, the business runs better and makes higher profits because everyone is more efficient. Also information flows between everyone, allowing decisions to be made quickly and easily.


Since 1minManager created a variations section in our App, we've been billing over £2000 per month through it

- Gavin Esberger, GME Painting and Decorating Contractors

Date published: 2019/04/19
5 / 5 stars

Thanks to 1minManagers software we can quote in a third of the time we used to.  Sometimes even up to 3 estimates per day.  Also, the software is so useable on a smartphone that (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!) I was able to look at a Job and Quote it in one go.  The customer said YES :)

- Daniel Bray, Bray Building Services

Date published: 2019/04/19
5 / 5 stars

Having used the App for a couple of months now.  We've found that saves AT LEAST 2 hours per report compared to our previous report writing software.  We fully expect that the time taken to write reports will reduce further as we get more proficient  

- Vin Maher, Fire Safety Specialists

Date published: 2019/04/19
5 / 5 stars

Since we've had our App created by 1minManager we've won more business, and profits have increased.  I've also found the business easier to manage and now spend much more time working on it than in it

- Richard Anthony, Digitech

Date published: 2018/01/16
5 / 5 stars