Get Customers To Spend More For The Same Job

Are you stuck in a profit rut? Do you want to charge more but feel your clients will not accept ant price rises? Watch this video to find out how to make more profit without upsetting your current customers.

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STOP Wasting Time With Off-The-Shelf Software or Apps

If you use any sort of App or cloud based software its going to be what we call Off The Shelf. This means its one version trying to be 'all things to all men'. Which doesn't work. You cannot expect one piece of software to be effective for thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of…

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What Emyth Doesn’t Teach You

The Emyth is a top business book. But it has some glaring omissions. It talks a lot about WHY you need to systemise your business. But offers very little structure or explanation as to HOW to do this. Let us show you how that can be done. Watch this video to find out how an App…

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