Digitech Security

Digitech Security are a company specialising in CCTV, Access Control, Fire Detection Systems and Intruder Alarms. They are based in Retford, Nottinghamshire.

Before they came to 1minManager Richard was running the business from inefficient paper-based systems. The App has revolutionised his business.

CRM System

Digitech deals with multiple differing types and sizes of clients. The smallest is a domestic customer in their own home. The largest a multinational business with a large number of UK based sites. Each customer needs specific information so that the engineers who attend site know all about that site and, if required, who to talk to. Our CRM system Digitech time by not having to answer telephone calls from engineers requiring information or contact details.

Job Sheets

Using paper-based Job Sheets is very inefficient. Firsty the office might not know what happened on a particular job until 1-2 days later when the paper copy arrives. Texting or photographing Job Sheets is not much better because the information still need to be manually typed in. With the Job Sheets now in the App, the office creates the job, the engineer sees and completes the job, the office can then invoice it with the click of one button.


Quoting or Estimating was a pain because it was so time consuming. After systematising the quoting process and putting in the App, Richard saw 2 main benefits. Firstly its was much, much quicker. Typically quotes can now be done in a quarter of the time yet are much more detailed and accurate. Secondly, because the App works on all smartphones, tablets and PCs, Richard can actually now do a complete quote onsite whilst the customer waits. Sending it to the customer takes just one click.

Sign Off Sheets

We all have clients that clients that like to delay payment, sometimes for the most contrived reasons. The easiest way to eliminate this is to get the client to sign the job off when its complete. We took this one step further. We put the signature ,the persons name and the exact time they signed on the actual invoice. The result – better cash flow because most now pay on the due date or before.


Every business who has employees who work onsite needs a timesheet App. But for Digitech the reason was a little different. They have to keep to set response times. But it’s not not only keeping to the times it’s proving that as well. We built their App so that when the engineer gets out of the van, it does 2 things. Firstly it GPS stamps his precise location. Secondly it timestamps this to the second. The engineer has no control over either of these things.


A picture paints a thousand words they say. So to reduce the number of site visits Richard the business owner had to make, we created a section where the engineers could upload photos against a specific job. Which the app will then store indefinitely. Richard also uses the same section to document the job whilst on site quoting, so that when the quote turns into work, he doesn’t have to spend time detailing what needs to be done.

Service Schedules

Digitech services client’s equipment on either a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month cycle. But trying to manually keeping track of dozens of sites and hundreds of items was proving impossible. So firstly we added sites and equipment to the App. Then to make the task of identifying which site needed jobs booking in, we colour coded each customer, site and equipment. To highlight when deadline were approaching.


Since 1minManager created a variations section in our App, we've been billing over £2000 per month through it

- Gavin Esberger, GME Painting and Decorating Contractors

Date published: 2019/04/19
5 / 5 stars

Thanks to 1minManagers software we can quote in a third of the time we used to.  Sometimes even up to 3 estimates per day.  Also, the software is so useable on a smartphone that (FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!) I was able to look at a Job and Quote it in one go.  The customer said YES :)

- Daniel Bray, Bray Building Services

Date published: 2019/04/19
5 / 5 stars

Having used the App for a couple of months now.  We've found that saves AT LEAST 2 hours per report compared to our previous report writing software.  We fully expect that the time taken to write reports will reduce further as we get more proficient  

- Vin Maher, Fire Safety Specialists

Date published: 2019/04/19
5 / 5 stars

Since we've had our App created by 1minManager we've won more business, and profits have increased.  I've also found the business easier to manage and now spend much more time working on it than in it

- Richard Anthony, Digitech

Date published: 2018/01/16
5 / 5 stars